DanneSandin said:
Is this a joke thread? Weekly VGC HW? We don't have that! We have like every second or third week HW updates ;)

Joke aside, great job on compiling all the data! Seems like HW over all is a bit low, no?

Our hardware estimates compared to other tracking firms in the US and UK are pretty spot on.

Here is our US numbers for October compared to NPD leaks:


XBO - 329k
PS4 - 235k
3DS - 123k


XBO - 343k
PS4 - 242k
3DS - 131k

Here is our UK numbers for Octobers compared to GfK Chart-Trak leaks:


XBO - 99k
PS4 - 75k
WiiU - 3.5k



XBO - 98k
PS4 - 75k
WiiU - 345k

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