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#48 - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door


Game: Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
Genre: RPG
Developer: Nintendo
System: Gamecube (GCN)
Total Score: 92/100
Value Score: 9.2/10


I got to play this instant classic few months ago while I was in India but wasnt able to finish it until I came back to the states.

I loved the first Paper Mario on the N64 and finished it about three times. I had bought this game few years back but never got to play it. About two gens later (ya I know) I was able to experience this game and finish it. Have to say its an incredible successor to the first paper mario game. The original PM still has aspects which makes that game unique and awesome but TTYD is in a whole league of its own as well.

Currently playing through its spiritual sequel "Super Paper Mario" - I just love the Paper Mario series :)


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