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vivster said:
BraLoD said:

Review wise of quality wise?
Quality wise, yeah, never, the game is the complete opposite of XIII, it has everything it (XIII) was criticized on lacking, unless it has some messed up, broken, and completely boring story, that's not gonna happen.
Review wise, maybe, I know there will be some good bunch of reviwers pissed off with it and nowdays criticizing it is easier than it was back in FF XIII days, so yeah, it can happen, even as sure don't hope it's the case.

Qualitywise it already lost anyway. You can easily see that with the insufficient budget for the game. Half way through they already ran out of X chromosomes and had to spread them thin over the whole cast stuffing them with the way cheaper Ys all over the place.

So you have no argument, I see, should know it was a joke