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#49 - Earthbound


Game: Earthbound
Genre: RPG
Developer: HAL/Nintendo
System: Super Nintendo (SNES)
Total Score: 82/100
Value Score: 8.2/10

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I never got the chance to play this classic in the 1990s, it wouldnt be until the mid 2000s that I get to experience this game.

I was always interested to find out who "Ness" was ever since seeing him in the original Smash bros on N64 but didnt really get into it till later.

Fast forwrd to the mid 2000s - I emulated Earthbound as one of my first titles but I never finished it (I was going through a period where I would get to the end of the game but never actually finish it, poor Lufia, poor Secret of Mana, etc :p).

Fast forward again to the 2010s and I actually got to play it again and finish it. It was quite an enjoyable experience. The mixture of modern elements in the form of a JRPG was just a awesome combination. Many of the elements reminded me of the 1990s which was great. Nostalgia played a great part to my experience.

I've never been a fan of first person turned based RPGs (like Dragon Quest for an example) but Earthbound was quite a special case, its story and characters kept pulling me back and soon the gameplay system sinked in and I got used to it.

Despite its "Low" score compared to other RPGs I played, Earthbound remains one of my favorites for the SNES.


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