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#50 - Shadow of the Colossus


Game: Shadow of Colossus HD
Genre: Action Adventure
Developer: Team ICO/Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
System: Playstation 3 (PS3)
Total Score: 90/100
Value Score: 9.0/10


I remember seeing this game a lot during the PS2 era, but never got the chance to actually play it due to the fact that I was catching up to Final Fantasy games and other RPGs that I had missed during the PS1 era at the time.

It wouldnt be until almost 10 years later that I would get the chance to actually play it when I bought the Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection on the PS3.

At first I was a bit confused at how everything was like in terms of gameplay but I got used to it and better after each and every battle.

Despite the fact that the fields were empty and the open world aspect was empty for the most party. Exploration was great, loved the environment, it was really majestic and appealing to me. Riding around or even walking around, it was quite pleasant.

The battles against the Colossi made up for the mundane moments of the game specifically the glorious OST, that OST was grand!

Although there wasnt that much narration - you could understand what was going on especially in the latter parts of the game.

I really enjoyed it and cant believe I missed a timeless classic such as this :p

I hope TLG will be a great as this game.


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