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Noobie said:

Sony Just gave their 2016 Financial Forecast and in the game segment they say they will sell 20 million PS4. If my memory is correct only PS2 and Wii have sold 20 million or more consoles in a financial year. 


So a price cut is incoming? and more games coming?

Complete financial Forecast PDF


Farsala said:
VR hype plus pricecut. I think they want to push VR so they will pricecut the PS4.

They also expect to sell as many PS4s as smartphones, but the gaming division is expected to attain the most profit along with Financial services.


Nautilus said:
Maybe that will happen due to the bump that the Neo could give.I think thats why.


CosmicSex said:
Thats a bold prediction and what is scary is that they have usually been very conservative in relation to results. I mean its possible of course but man thats huge.


aLkaLiNE said:
Pretty sure all their estimates pertaining to the PS4 have deliberately been modest, and they've managed to outperform on said estimates. I'm wondering if this 20 million is again a modest estimate. What's the most a console has sold in a fiscal year that we know of?


Mr.GameCrazy said:
spurgeonryan said:

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