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So it is basically an even more confusing device than the Wii U. The only difference is they dumped the Wii name brand so that hopefully parents will pick it up for their kids.

Being that it is mobile they will need to either partner with Apple or Google to get apps on it or kids will not take the time for it.


There are still a lot of if's, and the games still are what can make or break it. It is up in the air if they will actually come through with the games though. Even with all the supposed supporters they could end up giving us some crappy ports or just digital editions.


I am also surprised that the Switch will have enough power to play games like Breath of the Fire or Wind or whatever the next Zelda game is called.

Lastly is this the end of handhelds for Nintendo or is this what we are stuck with from now on? I would love to still keep them separate, but it seems this is now our handheld. Correct?

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