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QUAKECore89 said:
SpokenTruth said:

Pre-fetching.  You're not actually "using" 8 GB of RAM.  Your OS has simply pre-loaded apps, files, etc....that you use most frequently.

Turn pre-fetching off and watch your RAM use drop by half.   In fact, if you are using an SSD, you should turn off pre-fetching anyway.

I am using SSD.

Although, i'm browsing 20 tabs on mozilla & 15 tabs on chrome, both installed addons... And i'm leaving opened 3 windowed games(Overwatch, doom & Witcher 3 Gog ver.) plus office word & excel.

Hey, i'm a heavy multi-tasker. ^^

Don't worry about my CPU, it's Core i7-6800K and my network card is helping my - Can i leave? ._.

You said fill up easily.  That's the opposite of easily.

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