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okr said:
BasilZero said:

For an example I finished FFVII and FFVIII this year and currently playing FFIX. Havent really played that many PC games this year because of the three FF games. This is what I played/completed so far this year (...)

I was just kidding around, I already knew that you play and finish a lot of games, I read some of your threads. I just wondered why you have such a huge Steam library, but I forgot that you buy bundles to get the games you actually want (you mentioned it in some thread).

The developers patched Little King's Story. Works fine on my system.
I saw you have ABZU on your wishlist, I finshed it last week, it's short but amazing.


No worries :p


Thats good to hear LKS is performing better now.  Gonna be getting Disgaea 1 possibly this year if it hits 50%  - since Disgaea 2 is coming out next year and I love Disgaea 1 so much.


ABZU looks amazing - will get it sometime in the future for sure.


When it comes to PC gaming I've gotten pretty much what I wanted so far that my current system can play.  Once I finish FFIX - I'll get back into more PC gaming than I have done so far this year.


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