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As we head into the middle of summer, we also head into uncharted territories with the Amazon threads. In the past year-plus since I first started helping with these threads, we would occasionally have hiccups where the monthly and/or weekly rankings have been messed up. Sometimes they'd be delayed, sometimes they'd show on time but then disappear only to reappear again after a little while, but generally these issues resolved themselves in maybe 3-4 days tops. But currently Amazon's monthly and weekly rankings have not been updated since July 4. It appears to be a site-wide thing with all rankings. It is unknown if this is a permanent situation and Amazon has simply discontinued keeping lists of monthly & weekly bestsellers, or they simply had some technical issue and simply haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. But until further notice, the monthly and weekly rankings will remain in absentia. The hourly rankings are still updated, and Gribble and the others have done a good job keeping track of them. Hopefully the issues with the monthly & weekly rankings are resolves soon and I can begin to update them here in the threads. I will let everyone know if and when that time comes.

Everything is back up and running normally at Amazon! Yay!

Now, on with the thread.

Hourly Rankings

Monthly Rankings

Yearly Rankings

Note: Monthly & weekly rankings are on a 3-day delay from the current calendar date. They are usually updated daily on Amazon between 4 to 5 PM Eastern time. Also, NPD's months are not perfectly matched to Amazon's months.

Final Monthly Hardware Rankings

XBO S 2TB: #23
PS4 CoD bundle: #25
New 3DS XL (black): #37
XBO S 500GB Halo bundle: #42
PS4 standalone: #57
PS Vita: #76
XBO S 1TB Madden bundle: #82
New 3DS XL (red): #89

Hardware Preorders Coming Into Effect This Month

XBO S 2TB: #18 (June); #32 (July)

Current Yearly Hardware Rankings

(Note: This entry will be updated at the start of each month, except during the holidays where they'll be updated weekly every Thurdsay.)

PS4 CoD bundle: #15
XBO Gears bundle: #54
New 3DS XL: #85
XBO 1TB Holiday bundle: #100

Final Weekly Rankings

(Note: August is a 4-week month.)


Week 1 (Aug. 1 - 7)

XBO S 2TB: #7
New 3DS XL (black): #12
PS4 CoD bundle: #18
New 3DS XL (red): #28
XBO 500GB Name Your Game bundle: #44
PS4 standalone: #45
PS Vita: #82
XBO 1TB Holiday bundle: #93
XBO 500GB standalone (refurbished): #100†

Week 2 (Aug. 8 - 14)

XBO S 2TB: #19
PS4 CoD bundle: #22
New 3DS XL (black): #29
New 3DS XL (red): #46
PS4 standalone: #59
XBO 1TB Holiday bundle: #81
XBO S 500GB Halo bundle: #84

Week 3 (Aug. 15 - 21)

PS4 CoD bundle: #26
XBO S 2TB: #31
XBO S 500GB Halo bundle: #39
PS4 standalone: #61
XBO S 1TB Madden bundle: #63
PS Vita: #99

Week 4 (Aug. 22 - 28)

XBO S 500GB Halo bundle: #25
PS4 CoD bundle: #26
XBO S 1TB Madden bundle: #35
XBO S 2TB: #44
PS4 standalone: #64
PSTV: #97
PS4 UC4 LE bundle: #99


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