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StarOcean said:
Has Auron been confirmed yet? I REALLY want Auron in this game... he has so much potential as a fighter in this series




So far....


Warrior of Light (FF1)
Garland (FF1)
Firion (FF2)
Onion Knight (FF3)
Cecil (FF4)
Bartz (FF5)
Terra (FF6)
Kefka (FF6)
Cloud (FF7)
Squall (FF8)
Zidane (FF9)
Tidus (FF10)
Shantotto (FF11)
Vaan (FF12)
Lightning (FF13)
Y'shotla (FF14)
Ramza (FFTactics)


I'm hoping for Steiner from FF9 - been wanting him since 012 - was hoping he would be in it but they didnt add him :(


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