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Nintation360 said:

well WTF!!! Nintendo you could've had allll my money since last  year. But what do you do?! YOU DELAY THE BEST GAME EVER. I waited soooo long for it and what do you do?! YOU DELAY IT AGAIN! I'm so glad the Wii U failed and I HOPE the NX fails too. You deserve every failing system coming for you. I'm so done with you and your games! I'm moving %100 Playstation now. Why? Because you keep delaying your game. SO many people bought the Wii U JUST FOR ZELDA U. and what do you do?! You MAKE 2 VERSIONS OF THE GAME. I feel ripped off, millions of other players feel ripped off.

You dissapointed me SO MUCH in the past. Last year I wrote a thread that went popular saying "Losing my passion for Nintendo" and you really kicked the ball hard out of the park. I'm not buying the NX, not buying Zelda U and not even buying Metroid HD (even though tht game will never exist LOL). Uncharted can replace my Zelda, Gran Turismo can replace Mario Kart, Little Big Planet can replace Super delaying Mario.  So I'm losing nothing.

Last years E3 sucked SOOO BAD.  But yet you choose to make this years E3 all about a game that will forever be delayed?(Zelda U coming in year 3000 btw).  AND ALSO you decide NOT to show off the NX?! REALLY NINTENDO?! Like wow.... So let me get this straight..  You're gonna release the NX after an E3 and before an E3? so this is the first time you wont be showing off a console at an E3???..... I don't understand what you're doing to your company. You are running your company into THE GROUND while sticking the middle finger to your fans. I never been so dissapointed in my life. I'll be there laughing when I see Nintendo go out of business and become just like Sega. And you'll be asking What did we do wrong?... YOU DIDNT LISTEN TO YOUR FANS THATS WHY. Like also.. 2016 is Zelda's 30th anniversary.. it would've been the PERFECT time to release Zelda U for your highest rated franchise of all time. but you ofcourse ruined it!   

Well Nintendo lost thousands of dollars from me. I was gonna buy Nintendo products all my life and look what happened. and i'm pretty sure I'm not the only person whos gonna do this. Nintendo... you're losing millions as of right now. I really dont know what to say.  Now brb I gotta go on ebay and think how much I should sell my Wii FailUre for... and btw Miitomo is boring.         


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