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A Windows 10 PC isn't closed within Microsoft's ecosystem, you can download Steam, Origin, etc. meanwhile, the PS4 Neo is closed within the PS4 ecosystem, so it's a completely different thing.

I think everyone in this thread understands and agrees that the two scenarios aren't even remotely comparable, even the ones who claim to agree with you, heck I'd say even you yourslef know why this is a ridiculous comparison.

You still need a PS4 to play PS4 exclusives, wether that is a PS4 (original SKU) or a PS4 Neo. Should we also say that no Nintendo handheld ever has had any exclusives because the next iteration of Nintendo handhelds have always been backwards compatible? Or that the PS3 and Xbox 360 didn't have any exclusives because the PS3 Slim could play PS3 games and the X360S could play 360 games?