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spemanig said:
shikamaru317 said:
I guess that depends on how you define console. If you define it as fully closed platform with iterations every 5-7 years, then yes, 8th gen will be the last console gen in that sense. If you define console as a fairly powerful gaming device for you living room, then no, this won't be the last generation of consoles.

From this point forward I fully expect mid-gen upgrades or even fully upgradeable consoles from each of the big 3. PS4K is as close to being confirmed as possible without hearing a confirmation from Sony themselves. An upgradeable Xbox releasing soon is heavily rumored and Phil himself talked about Xbox being upgradeable in the future. Nintendo patented what they call a supplemental computing device, which will likely be used to upgrade NX mid gen.

Don't doubt that Nintendo won't do both. SCD can only do so much. At some point, the hardware becomes a bottleneck. I expect a physical hardware upgrade for the NX and NXDS once every two years each, alternating years of release indefinitely.

Most definitely. I see them releasing SCD for NX in 2019 or so in order to boost it up to around the level of PS5 and Xbox 4 which will likely release in 2019 so that NX can keep getting 3rd party ports. Eventually they'll need to release a new console though, SCD can only boost NX for so long. I don't know about hardware every 2 years though, that's pretty fast, at least for the console, handheld might need an upgrade every 2 years so it doesn't fall too far behind smartphones and tablets, but with game support lasting for 4 years.