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maxleresistant said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Well there's more to it than that. According to The Guardian article “Kruse is reported to have grabbed a mobile phone from a woman who was taking pictures of him in a night club in Berlin, where he was celebrating his 28th birthday.”

He grabbed a phone!!! Oh my god! Call the army right away, this guy is a menace and shouldn't be allowed to live in our society.

What the fuck? This guy has done absolutely nothing. 

Oh and just saw this too

Wolfsburg are reportedly discussing how to deal with a video leaked on social media that allegedly shows Max Kruse naked.

In the 30-second clip, which was shared via WhatsApp on Monday evening, a man is seen filming himself in bed while masturbating.

But yeah, you still shouldn't be grabbing peoples phones just because they took a photo of you. Kind of goes against what representing your country should stand for.