UPDATE: After some consideration (and suggestions in this thread) I've decided to expand the purpose of this thread to be anything to do with Pokemon X/Y or ORAS. I'll do my best to keep the OP updated with the latest requests and suggestions from users.


Good day fine folks of VGChartz!

I've recently gotten back into Pokemon (X/Y and ORAS) and I'm making my entry into IV breeding. So I'm looking for more friends to add so I can fill out my Friend Safari and get a head start as each Friend Safari Pokemon has a guaranteed minimum 2 perfect IVs. 

My friend code is 3866-8117-4784

Please share your friend codes and add me! 

Note: I did dig up the old friend code and friend safari threads but neither have been active in more than a year so I was advised by mods to create my own topic. If this topic finds itself resurging a Pokemon scene on the site, I can transform it to something similar to the old Friend Safari thread.


Username Trainer Friend Code Type Pokemon 1 Pokemon 2 Pokemon 3
trasharmdsister12 Tesh 3866-8117-4784 Ice Snover Bergmite --
Slarvax VGC|SaL 0173-1500-9032 Electric Pikachu Electrode --
Mike321 VGC/Mike 2895-8773-2414 Grass Petilil Sunkern --
Ka-pi96 Kapi96 2552-1278-7235 Poison Gloom Venomoth --
CWegzz Connor 4210-5277-5484 Poison Serviper Venomoth --
Cosmo Quantum 4699-9678-5729 Fire Ponyta Pyroar --
StarDoor Frisk 0232-8397-8788 Ice Snover Bergmite --
Unknown (Different from below) John
Normal Aipom Audino --
John19 John 0275-8677-1134 Fighting Meditite Throh --