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I was thinking that yesterday's update was the final update and that the first ranks for each month arrive on the third, but I was wrong. 3-day delay means Thursday's update = Monday's rankings. So, even though Week 1 rankings for March showed, because that week includes Feb. 29 then the monthly rankings as of March 1 don't show up until the next day, which is tomorrow. My bad.

Anyway, here's the definitely final rankings for February:

PS4 COD bundle: #13 (—)
XBO Gears bundle: #29 (↓1)
New 3DS XL: #69 (↓1)
XBO 3-game Holiday bundle: #87 (↓1)
N3DSXL Pokemon 20th Anniv. bundle: #91 (—)
N3DSXL Fire Emblem edition: #99 (↓5)


In accordance to the VGC forum rules, §8.5, I hereby exercise my right to demand to be left alone regarding the subject of the effects of the pandemic on video game sales (i.e., "COVID bump").