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Lawlight said:
So, which brought in more revenue? Mobile or PC?


According to the article they are just going by the top 10 games/apps on each platform with PC top 10 outselling the mobile top 10.


I would say more than likely mobile considering the ecosystem gets far more releases between Android and iOS. When you have games like flappy bird making millions (or it used to I mean) people will be willing to pay the same for similar games on the easiest to access platforms which would be their phone - also it wouldnt be surprising considering the casual market mostly is on mobile devices (phones and tablets) rather than PC.


Lawlight said:
Interesting that the top 3 games are mostly played by people in Asia.

That isnt a surprise either - there's something about that region of gamers that just love to play MMO/MOBA type of games - as for me I'm staying away from it :x!


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