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GribbleGrunger said:

13 hours since last update:

#11 PS4 Black Ops 3 Standard Bundle (up 7)
#39 XB1 Gears Bundle (down 2)
#43 PS4 Star Wars Standard Bundle (up 3)
#54 N3DS Black (down 4)

PS4 - 4 bundles, 2 in the top 100
XB1 - 8 bundles, 1 in the top 100

There are lots of people over at GAF predicting the PS4 will have sold 2m and I'm not sure why. I've asked over there but does anyone here know if there's been any information over at GAF that would suggest such a high number? I'll be buggared if I'm sifting through hundreds of posts to find it.

edit: It looks like this is the culprit:

I'm putting my prediction back to a 300k - 350k gap. I'd sooner be wrong with my first prediction than regret changing it.

You changed it, it's validity is already null!