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Guessed by BraLoD

Shadow of the Colossus probably isn't all that great when it comes to having fun, intuitive and creative gameplay, as most of the game is done through rather simple commands either when you're out in the field riding your horse or battling a boss, but this game truly shines as an experience. Whenever I'm playing this, my notion of the real world just goes away and I get completely immersed in this world and story. Shadow of the Colossus had a very, very empty world with barely anything to do, but in a lot of ways that's exactly what made the world so great; for half the game there was no soundtrack playing in the background, but it was fitting, and when the songs did pop up during battles they were all absolutely incredible; the colossus battles are rather basic and work more like puzzles than real battles, but the enemies felt so much like living creatures and the environments were so awesome it was still always very awe-inspiring; the story is very simple and minimalistic at first glance, but when you get to the end and look up some stuff about it, you realize the game has a very dark, complex and interesting narrative that's easily among the best I've seen in gaming altogether; and the graphics, despite being outdated and sometimes looking muddy, still hold up rather well and can look extremely beautiful in the right moments. If anything, what this game truly had in spades was memorable moments, all the way through from the very start to the end of the game - every battle and every cutscene always gives me the shivers, and whenever you're not doing all that, it's still a beautiful world to explore and look at. I believe I've said enough, though - Shadow of the Colossus is truly a masterpiece, even if it's not for everyone.

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