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Guessed by Clyde32

There's not much I have to say about A Link to the Past. This is a classic, timeless masterpiece and everyone knows it. The game is absolutely flawless and is basically Zelda perfection, being not only the first one to introduce a lot of the franchise's staples (such as the Master Sword and its music, Kakariko Village and its music, Zelda's and Ganon's themes, and I could go on), but also still having one of the most compelling stories, soundtracks, combat, puzzles, and just about everything you'd expect from a great Zelda game despite being almost 25 years old. This was my first Zelda game as a kid, and though I could never beat it back then since I didn't understand english (though I did get pretty damn far for not knowing the language), it was still the first game I beat in this franchise when I revived my love for it back in 2011 - and it's because of this game that I'm a Zelda fan through and through.

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