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Guessed by PenguinZ

I think after time passed and the hype faded away, everyone got on the hate train for this game and started saying it's the worst Pokémon game ever and yatta yatta, but not to me. When I played this game for the first time, it felt truly special, and two years after, I still think so. This game pushed the franchise forward in so many ways it was unbelievable, and ushered in a new generation of Pokémon that for the first time since 1999 felt like a truly monumental leap forward. Besides the obvious huge improvements in the graphics department (which I don't think are as unimportant as some make them out to be), this game also heavily improved the leveling system for better progression, the breeding and EV training system (and easier to get BP) to make competitive play accessible to anyone willing to put some effort into it, and last but definitely not least, the PSS, which instantly made Pokémon an online-friendly game after 3 generations of very cumbersome and awkward online features. Besides the general improvements, X & Y totally nailed it as a new generation of Pokémon, with 72 very unique new species (quality above quantity here), a beautiful new region, a fantastic soundtrack, and a story that was criticized for being too simple and childish, but one that to me at least was very good and got me invested in the game. These games were not without their flaws, but I'm always willing to take a few flaws if the strengths overwhelm them so much, and that's why I love X & Y.

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