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Guessed by S.Peelman

Retro Studios' first game was an absolute masterpiece and is still arguably the best they've put out. Metroid Prime brought the Metroid franchise into the third dimension after a 8-year long hiatus that skipped the N64 generation, and they brought it back with absolute perfection. While the game innovated a lot and changed a lot of staples the series was known for, it still felt like Metroid through and through. Tallon IV was expertly designed to both encourage and challenge the players in their exploration, populated with lots of enemies everywhere, and the feeling of immersion was unlike any other. As in any other great Metroid game, I always felt very tense whenever I was about to enter a new area, because the buildup makes it clear how dangerous of a place it is you're going in, and it's basically impossible to not get caught up in the emotion. There's not much to say that hasn't been said about this game, though. Metroid Prime is a masterpiece.

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