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I've played quite a few GTA games over the years, and while I found most of them to be quite fun, this is the only one that really made an impact on me. I believe it engaged me more so than any other partially because of my age at the time I played this, but it was also because of just how incredible the game was. Like other games in the franchise, you have a big map that you can freely explore and do stuff in - however, in this game, the map was absolutely huge (for its time, I guess), and there was just SO much to do. You could go absolutely anywhere in San Andreas and you know there would always be stuff there for you to do. The story was also pretty solid and was a fun ride to play all the way through to the climactic ending. Really, this game was very special, and while I don't think there'll be any other game in the franchise that will really grasp me like it, this one still holds up well to me. Well, except for the graphics. They were ugly even back then.

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