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#18 - Left 4 Dead 2 (PC)

My first experience with Left 4 Dead 2 was actually through a pirated copy given to me by friends (they had me play with them on a private MP server).

This was before I even got into PC gaming or even got myself a gaming PC.

I had to play the game at low settings cause my computer was not builty for heavy duty PC gaming at the time. I think this was around 2010 or 2011 - cant remember. Anyways was playing with my guildmates (for Ragnarok Online) at the time. I didnt know much about Steam or Valve - and I was pretty new to the FPS genre as the only other FPS genre I played was Quake 1 and that was like back in 1998 on my first PC.

A few years later - I got introduced to Steam by another friend. I learned that Valve the owner of Steam made Left 4 Dead 2 - I was given a gift copy by my friend who introduced me to Steam and it has become my most played Steam/PC game ever clocking at 160 hours and I'm gonna be playing more in the future as well.

I recorded a lot of videos for this game in several playlists such as these....

Single Player (no commentary):
Multiplayer (with Commentary):

Its become my most favorite FPS and MP game - played it in private servers for cheats and crazy game modes, played it on official servers with friends and of course used a ton of mods for crazy stuff such as this



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