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#20 - Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY (PC)


This was my first official Batman/Super hero game.

Bought it part of a humble bundle about two years previously - came with Batman Arkham City GOTY as well with a few other games.

I didnt have that much experience in terms of Batman games except for the old NES and SNES games I played from renting or going to elementary school friends homes ;o. I am a huge fan of the super hero through cartoons and movies though.

I was surprised how the gameplay was like - thought it was pure action but it was actually stealth with some puzzle elements. I was impressed with the storyline and the gameplay mechanics. The character list was awesome too - a lot of iconic characters but was disappointed that a few were missing. I loved the dark atmosphere and setting which is a far cry from the usual games which I played during the time (now its more of a balance!)

I cant wait to play Arkham City GOTY which I have downloaded/installed right now :D - will be playing it sometime later this week or so.

I still need to get Batman Arkham Origins and its spinoff title - and of course Arkham Knight - all on PC of course.


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