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#21 - Breath of Fire II (SNES/GBA)


Breath of Fire II was one of my first RPGs I ever played back in the 1990s. I had no idea what the hell I was doing because I didnt really get into RPGs until early 2000s. I had rented this game in the 1990s for my SNES back when I used to rent games. I didnt get far at all infact I was still in the first area of the game when I returned the game.

It wouldnt be until a couple of years later that I would get a chance to play and beat the game. I bought the GBA enhanced port day 1 (did the same with the first game too). I love this RPG so much that I ended up playing it again but the SNES version multiple times and even recorded it as well for my Youtube channel.

I just love the storyline (even if the narration and translation was garbage), the characters were awesome and memorable and the gameplay was on spot as far as traditional turn based RPGs are concerned. The music was a plus and the game's visual design had that classic Capcom style that all Capcom games back in the early 1990s were well known for.

I do plan to play the GBA version again alongside the first one for my YouTube channel in the future. I must have played the SNES version and beat it at least 5-6 times between the early 2000s to currently.

This was one of my top favorite games that was previously listed in the top 10 of previous years but it fell due to the inclusion of new games.

Anyways I highly recommend this game to anyone - its available on VC I think for the Wii/WiiU and possibly 3DS?

Edit: Actually I finished it for the 5th time last year :P!!!

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