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#22 - Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PS2/PC)


This was my second GTA game that I purchased. I remember seeing this game on magazines and reading about it. It was also all over the news as well cause of the hot coffee incident.

It wouldnt be until a few years later I would get hands on this game. I remember playing so many hours constantly cause I couldnt get enough of the game. I went off exploring the entire game after finishing the game's main storyline.

I love the customization options where you change your character's appearance via tattoos, hair style and even their weight. I like the RPG  aspects too that were added where the more you do something, you lose weight or gain stats for stuff like breathing, swimming, and running/driving.

The game had a memorable soundtrack too and I enjoyed the storyline and the regular GTA mechanics.

Sadly GTAIV didnt end up the same :(!!!

I havent played GTAV yet but I do plan to pick it up on PC sometime next year hopefully once after I build my new gaming PC.

I also plan to play the Steam/PC version of San Andreas sometime in the future as well!


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