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Guessed by CWegzz

This game is fresh. It's fresh, in a genre that had become so stale over the past few years. With wave after wave of countless generic FPS games being released all the time, Splatoon shook everyone with innovation, and fun. For a new IP and Nintendo's first take both on the genre and on an online-heavy experience, this game was very impressive, even if it did have a lot of shortcomings: local multiplayer is useless and boring; some weapons feel rather unbalanced, especially after the latest patch (yes, I'm salty); you can't play Turf War ranked or any other game mode regular; the single player campaign is short and mostly unmemorable (though the ending was top-notch); and of course, mode rotation is the ultimate bullshit I've seen a company pull off with a game. But you know, even despite all of that, the game is still a shining piece of software that keeps me going back to it after months because it's so much fun, and I can't wait to see what Nintendo has to bring to the table in the inevitable sequel.

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