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Guessed by TruckOSaurus

Even though I believe this game hasn't aged very well and doesn't hold up as well as the other 3D Zeldas that came after it, it's undeniable that it was absolutely amazing. My biggest gripe with it, though, is playing as child Link - that first third of the game always felt kinda pointless to me, and it wasn't clear what or why I was doing what I was doing, and being limited to crappy items wasn't a lot of fun. However, after completing the third dungeon, the story really picked up, the dungeons went from annoying puzzles to amazing intricate mazes, and the gameplay became a lot more fun with all the new stuff you got. Every moment of the game from that point on felt like serious business, and really made you feel like you were on an epic quest to save the world... and it was brilliant.

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