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#28 - Final Fantasy VII (PSX/PC)


This was one of the games I wanted to play when I was younger but never could because I limited myself to only Nintendo consoles (which btw was a big mistake).

I finally got the chance to play this game 8 years after it came out on my PS2 when I was lucky enough to find a new copy of Final Fantasy VII Greatest hits on my local Circuit City - it was hidden behind some PS2 games and I was lucky to find it.

I loved the story, characters, gameplay, music - everything in it was awesome - as expected after playing classics like FFIV and FFVI.

10 years later and here I am playing Final Fantasy VII again on Steam this time.

Currently playing it right now and uploading videos to my youtube channel

Storyline Playlist:
Bosses Playlist:
Cutscene Playlist:

I'm still excited for the remake despite the recent announcements and looking forward to it, Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts 3 in the future for my PS4!


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