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#29 - Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time (PS2)


This was my first Star Ocean game ever and my first Enix game I purchased. I was amazed that for a PS2 game it would have two discs - it was my first experience until I gotten Xenosaga and God of War 2 of course.

The music, the environment (though not enough of space travel), and the story for the most part was pretty great. Didnt like much of the voice acting cause the actors were pretty bad lol.

Regardless I had a lot of enjoyment out of this game - it was my longest single player game ever clocking at 110 hours for a single playthrough and this didnt include any of the post game dungeons.

I hope to play this game again soon hopefully as a remaster - may even get it on PS4 if they decide to port it over. Hoping for a remaster but doubt it at this point (unless SE decides to bring SO to PC which would be glorious).


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