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#30 - Banjo Kazooie (N64)

Possibly one of the best 3D platformers ever made - yes even surpassing Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy even to this day.

Back when Rareware actually made EAD run for its money - this classic was not all happy days for me.

I think it was because I was such a huge Nintendo ONLY fanboy back then and hated the fact that there was a game that could compete against Super Mario 64 or Mario overall. It wouldnt be years later that I would actually finish the game to its fullest.

As my gaming tastes evolved (for the better) - I soon came to appreciation over this game especially after its sequel came out for the N64.

The game was so fantastic I played it multiple times over the years but it wouldnt be until recently that I actually finish the game to its ending :p

It was my first (and at the moment only) solo LP series on my YouTube channel:


Basil's YouTube Channel