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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Dude its not pieces like life is strange, they just named it episodic because its not sequels or spin offs, its just a name, they are making 3 full games, 3 different experiences.( i hope its not more than 3 ffs )
Imagine if ff10 and 10.2 was a full game on ps2, one story, and now they want to remake it and divide them in 2. on ps4.

It's pieces.
We already have Final Fantasy VII full story of the original game, and they said they can't fit that much content on a single release.
So that full story/experience of the original will be split into pieces released into different times.

There will also be new stuff going on, but that original content will be break into pieces, from what I understood.
If they would Remake the full original game at one piece and the additional stuff as Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, the movie and things like that in a separated released to make a full FF7 series remake, I think they would have made it very clear.

But this is better debatable at the other thread, this one I want to see how people are willing to react as consumers to this potential scenario.