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Hey friends,

I was shopping on the e-store a few days ago and this time I told myself "I'd like to try some new experiences, something fresh". So I bought 3 games that looks like new and fun games, something I hadn't really played before. I got Teslagrad, Shantae and Mutant Mudds.

Anyway I started out with Teslagrad. The first thing that appealed to me was the lack of dialogue, but quantity of intrigue. Then I was pleased with the graphics and scenery. The rain in the first scene is very vivid, and the movement is fluid which without words tells a story.

Finally the music is very nice.

This game reminds me of Metroid because of the way the exploration is set out, and because of how things are hidden and because of how silent the game is. In this game, we explore different geographies and look for power-ups which allow the player to access new areas. There are even hints to Metroid with sitting bird statues and another I will keep as a surprise.

If you're looking for something new and to satisfy your inner Metroid fan, I highly recommend this game.