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Clyde32 said:



The game no one guessed  - ya'll failed me ;(!!!!!!


#33 - Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (PSP)

When Crisis Core was announced - it was during a time when FFVII was still in everyone's memory and was at imo the highest point of its popularity (the movie came out, a sequel is announced, two short animated films were released, etc). Crisis Core was announced for the PSP and I was excited due to the fact at the time I was playing my PSP the most.

It wouldnt be a few years later until I buy the game - when I first played it - I instantly went into Nostalgia mode - the way the game began, the music, the familiar scenery. It was fantastic. Although the game departed from its traditional turn based RPG roots - the gameplay grew on me and I enjoyed it more than I originally did at first.

The game's plot and music go hand in hand - far far better than the original game's story. Although you play as Zack and no one else - the familiar characters both alive and dead from the original FFVII were a nice bonus during cutscenes. It was funny seeing some characters who act differently from the original FFVII mainly cause events that changed them didnt occur yet.

The game's story imo is one of the most emotional storylines ever - I recommend to any RPG fan, Final Fantasy fan or a fan of any good story to check this game out. Hopefully a remaster or a remake comes soon though unlikely cause of some music copyright issue hence why the game was not re-released on PSN on the PSN store.

Of the three PSP games that I wanted to be remastered/remade this is the only one that has yet to receive the treatment.  I wait for the moment when they announce it!


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