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#34 - Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)

My 4th SNES game and my most favorite game in the DKC trilogy. This game I cherished for so many years yet was a tragic past.

I first saw this game being played at a friend's house - at the time I only had DKC1 and not 2. Immediately afterwards I had my parents buy me DKC2 and I was so excited. Although my favorite character DK did not make an appearance at first or be playable - I was still excited and enjoyed the entire experience that I could at the time I got the game. I loved the design, the gameplay, the music - it was just perfect for me.

Unfortunately not all was good - no fault of the game itself but my cartridge was a dud at least part of the mechanism in the game. My save file would delete after I stop playing the game so I couldnt save and continue much. This was really bad especially during a time where I barely had time to play games. It wouldnt be until almost 10 years later that I would be able to finish this classic.

Fast forward several years later - I decided to play this game again not through my old SNES of course which I dont have anymore unfortunately :/. Anyways this time I decided to record the game and play it to 100% or in the game's case 102%. Ironically enough I still had my DKC2 nintendo official strategy guide which btw is my first strategy guide and only one of two I own/purchased (the other one being DKC3).

I got to complete it and record every bit of it:

Anyways, I plan to play the entire trilogy again on the GBA in the future - oh and I finished DKC3 just a few months ago as well.


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