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#35 - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (GCN/PC)

When I first saw/heard about this game it was early 2000s and the game was being hyped before its release on the Dreamcast. Ironically I didnt know about the Dreamcast - I was just interested in this game and that was it. I would look at the character info page on the main site and read about the game. However it wouldnt be until the gamecube version that came out a year later that I would get my hands on this game.

One of my first gamecube games and the first sonic game that I purchased. This game was everything I wanted - a action packed platformer with different types of characters and play types. Although I yearned for classic style platformer like I experienced with Sonic/Shadow levels - I still enjoyed the shooting and treasure hunting levels of the other characters. The story imo is the best in the series - I really enjoyed the story, characters and the incredible OST.

I spent so many hours on the mini game that involved these chibi like beings called Chao. I must have spent at least 300+ hours just on the chao mini game l0l. At least that is what my game clock shows after I stopped playing the GCN version.

Many years later (11 years or so) - Sonic Adventure 2 was announced for Steam and I was so damn excited that I got the game a few months after its release. Although the DLC was sold separate I still got it for the heck of it. Played it alongside other Sonic games in a marathon and still love it the same way I loved it when I first played the game 10+ years ago :D


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