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#36 - Devil May Cry 3 Dante's Awakening (PS2)


This was my first Rated M game ever ;o. Also was my first full action game that I had purchased and was one of the first Capcom games as well I bought for my PS2. I remember being hyped up for this game. A lot of my high school friends were hyping it up too. We would talk about the game all day, watch trailers, listen to the music (alongside Kingdom Hearts 2 which was coming out as well around the time).

When I finally got the game (bought it day 1) - I was instantly hooked into the game. Did multiple playthroughs and all difficulty settings. Unfortunately I wasnt able to play the SE version of the game which came out later on PS2 and on PC. But at least now I have DMC HD Collection to enjoy this classic again in the future :D


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