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#39 - Sleeping Dogs (PC)

When I heard about the game - I immediately added to my wishlist of games I was planning to get in the future after I upgrade my PC's GFX card back in 2012. When the time came along to upgrade (it was Black Friday 2012) - went to Microcenter to buy my graphics card - they had a promotion where you would get a free PC game upon purchase of the video card - the promotion was for Far Cry 3 - however the store ran out of keys for Far Cry 3. The clerk then gave me a key for Sleeping Dogs.

Few years have passed and I decided that I wanted to play Sleeping Dogs (was holding out cause of the DLC) - I bought the DLC during a sale early in the year and then played the game. It was a GTA clone for sure but not like Saints Row - it was unique cause of the battle mechanics. I love the martial arts system and the leveling. Also the fact that you can do certain things to increase your Cop points or Gang member points was something that I enjoyed doing. The DLCs were pretty neat too especially the halloween themed one.

I plan to get the remastered version sometime in the future and will do a playthrough for my youtube channel.

Speaking of which here is a test video I did of the game in 1080p and 60 FPS :D


Basil's YouTube Channel