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#40 - Super Mario 64 (N64 and NDS)

Gonna put both versions under the same spot despite having some major differences.

I first played SM64 in the late 1990s via a demo kiosk at the store and was impressed with the game. Unfortunately it wouldnt be until the end of the N64's run that I would get my own chance of actually playing the game. It was my last N64 game that I had purchased and it was worth it. I loved the jump from 2D to 3D instantly. I cant explain to you how many times and how long I've explored every single place in the game - I was that curious to see what I could find in this open world like game (or at least it was to me at the time).

Couple of years later I got to experience a semi remake/sequel to the game in the form of Super Mario 64 DS. It had many major differences such as the "Story" progression thanks to additional playable characters and the numerous changes in levels. The main thing I did not like about the remake/sequel is the gameplay but that is mainly blamed on the controls of the platform it was released on - I feel that SM64 would have done better if it was released on a home console - the dpad by itself does not bring out the full potential of Super Mario 64. Regardless it was still a good experience though not as fun as the original (again mainly cause of the frustrating dpad controls).

Anyways both games are great and I still recommend the DS version.

I've recently completed 100% on Super Mario 64 per Youtube playthrough:



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