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Guessed by Anfebious

Now here's a game that just disappeared from my life completely. I got Super Mario 3D World back in April of last year, and within 6 weeks I had finished it with 100% - that meant I had to play every level at least 5 or 6 times, because in order to get all the stamps, you need to finish every level with every character, and it's not like I have friends to help me out or something. So basically, when I finished it, I was completely sick of the game and didn't want to play it again for a good while, and well, that while ended up being at least a year and a half as I still haven't played it again - and it shows as the game had the biggest fall year-on-year from my 2014 ranking. However, I still remember it being a pretty fun experience, and on the occasion I did play it with friends, it was always a blast.

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