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#47 - Final Fantasy X (PS2)

Final Fantasy X was my first Playstation 2 game that I purchased and the first non-nintendo system game I had purchased as well. It was back in 2003 that I got this game during the summer. Previously I've seen so many TV ads and commercials for this game and I was instantly hyped but because I only had a Gamecube I could not get the game during that time. However that changed when I bought my PS2 which was worth it thanks to showing me that there were more games and better games than what Nintendo had offered by themselves.

I really love the story, music, gameplay and the setting. This is actually one of my top 5 FF games. I played it at least 3 times all three times on the PS2. I do have the PS3 remaster which I plan to play. Unfortunately its sequel was a mess but I do plan to play that again too. Regardless of what they did with the story canon in X-2 - X's story remains one of my most favorite in the FF series.


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