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#48 - Persona 3 Portable (PSP)

My experience with the Shin Megami Tensei mainline and Persona series were pretty low compared to other RPG franchises I've played. After finishing off Persona 1 Portable and Persona 2 Innocent Sin both on the PSP - I immediately started on P3P on the PSP. Not having played the original or the FES version on the PS2 - I chose to play as the male protagonist. I really love the social link aspect to the game and was hooked on that majority of the game. I didnt like the battling aspect or the dungeon in the game where every corridor and turn was looking like it was the same damn thing. Another thing I thought was pretty cool was the visual novel interface. It was a unique experience especially after trekking through a mess of a map in P1 and P2. The music was fantastic that as soon as I started the game - I got the OST which to this day I listen to almost everday. This was one of my most favorite jRPGs until I played P4 just a few weeks ago ;p

I still plan to play FES for PS2 in the future so I can understand the entire story and will eventually replay P3P for the female arc.


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