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#49 - Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3)

I enjoyed FFXIII and decided to get its sequel but only after the price went down ;p - was lucky to get it for $19.99 about 3 months after release due to Amazon pushing the sales button a little too early.

I really really enjoyed this game more than FFXIII itself. Though the story and the characters were a bit lacking - the fanservice (i.e. nostalgia type), the gameplay and the music hooked me to this game from start to end. I really enjoyed the monster recruiting/training aspect in the game - it made up for the lack of a third party member. The fact that we were able to travel freely in a non-linear way compared to FFXIII and even revisit old and new locations was a nice new addition to the XIII sub series.  I got to see some of the endings on the PS3 version but will finish the game 100% when I get the PC version in the future.


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