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Though we're waiting for the first monthly rankings to show, if the current hourlies are any indication this month is already looking to be a runaway victory for the PS4. The COD bundle, which comes out this coming Friday, is shooting up the charts, and we have four PS4 SKUs above all the top XBO SKU (currently the Halo 5 bundle).

Here's how things stand right now (3 AM EST):

PS4 COD bundle: #16
PS4 NDC bundle: #17
PS4 Star Wars LE bundle: #24
PS4 Star Wars basic bundle: #32
XBO Halo bundle: #38
XBO Fallout bundle: #49
XBO 1TB Kinect bundle: #73
XBO Madden bundle: #80
PS4 standalone: #83
XBO Forza bundle: #85
XBO Gears bundle: #89
Wii U: #97

We also have the LE Star Wars and COD bundles ranking at #27 and #44 for October, plus the LE SW bundle was at #16 for September, so there's a lot of pre-orders already there. Unless MS announces a last-minute price cut for the XBO to $300, then November will be Sony's to lose. Halo is the biggest system-seller MS has, but its effects are unlikely to extent past October given that software almost never boosts sales past the month it was released in. And while Fallout has a lot of fans, it appears that Fallout 3 was not a major system-seller, so Fallout 4 may not have a major effect on sales, either, at least not one that can be determined from hardware sales alone. The XBO had the benefit of a lower price and marketing exclusives last November, but now the ball is in the PS4's court.

Edit: Gah! GG beat me to it with the ranks.