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outlawauron said:


Wow Versus. You read way too much into things.

It was a pretty mediorce conference, but to call it a waste of time when you got some value out of it is dumb (and it wasn't 2 hours either). That's all I pointed out. But yeah, revert to hyperbole if it makes you feel better.

Edit: I just re-read my posts to see if I said something I didn't mean to. I posted 4 times, and 3 of them were defending EDM music which I like. The other post was commenting approachs to these press conferences (a lot of smaller announcements vs big announcements with a lot of time spent on them).

Theres a skype group agreeing with you there lol

oh oh oh and Holy shit, my bad i though you where someone else XD now my comment comes of wrong i only looked at the avy not your name :P

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