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outlawauron said:
Versus_Evil said:

Terrible conference, i wasted 2hrs of my life. Wild and Detroit looked amazing tho! Detroit isa definite day one for me. BB DLCS abd GR2 also both looked fantastic.

It only took you about 4 words to contradict your intial statements.

You really have an issue with someone saying anything negative about sony dont you, in a 2hr+ event, having for 4 things that interested me 3 of which I already knew about, 2 of those my excitement level are already at max for (BB DLC/GR2) and only having 1 game (Detroit) that i thought looked amazing  doesnt someone contradict my statement that i think the show was fucking shit.


let me rephrase my "initial statement" in rabid fanboy speak for ya, OH ME GAWD BESHT COMFERENCE EVER!! SHONY IS DE BESHT EBER!!!! better?

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