Pavolink said:

OMG it's a game! 3DS, Feb 10th 2016. Official announcement October 11


- Brand new 3DS game, NOT a remix
- Based on the SMTIV setting, the keyword is "Godslayer"
- Feb 10 2016
- 6998yen
- Mostly the same staff as SMTIV, but Satoshi Oyama is directing this time.

Oh please no... not Yasushi Nirasawa's artwork again for some of the demons...
I'm refering to the one on the far left that looks like Merkabah. Many of the demons he created looked repuslsive and out of place compared to the rest of the artwork from Masayuki Doi.

Anyway, I'm interested in seeing how this game turns out. But a lot of things in Shin megami Tensei IV turned me off from it, so I'm not as hopeful for this one as I was for SMT IV. Cautiously optimistic though.
And yeah, that looks like ghost Navarre. lol