This topic is completely ridiculous. Tell me, were you in hybernetic sleep for the last 6 years or so? How come you are suddenly getting so agitated, obviously because of the BO bundle, when that shit has existed for years now? And who are you to say that these deals being made means that no exclusive games are being funded? Did all non-Nintendo first party studios suddenly get closed and I didn't hear about it?

Oh and of course Nintendo would never do something like that, that's why their lineup for the rest of the year is so absolutely stellar with highly anticipated titles such as Animal Crossings "buy more" Amiibo festival, Mario "nobody asked for this" Tennis, Devils "Yes it really is that shit" Third, Fatal "over a year to localize" Frame V and Xenoblade "hey this only took us 7 months to localize" X. Meanwhile things like exclusive content tied to special Amiibo/Skylanders in the new Skylanders game don't exist, just like the Shovel Knight Amiibo doesn't exist. And of course the literally dozens of different special edition 3DS's, which include third party titles, don't exist either.

No, no, the problem that we have to complain about now, in 2015, are special edition consoles, because for some reason a special edition PS4 bothers you and people buying it bothers you (oh unless they are collectors, but those can't exist for CoD because reasons, right?)

You wanna know why so many of your threads get locked? Because they are biased, poorly researched crap like this that are using a thinly veiled excuse to start a console war.